Gruppe products are prevalent

Gruppe products are prevalent in the world as they are appreciated for engineering, ease of installation, maintenance, durability. To keep these winning characteristics,, and designed with the latest technologies.

The objective is to control the entire production assembling: from the choice of materials and components to the assembly of systems. For this reason, particular attention is dedicated to the controls and thermal, optical and functional analysis. In fact, every product is inspected several times to check, step by step, all mechanical, constructional and electronic performances.

All lighting fixtures are subjected to strict controls to ensure the reliability and compliance of the products to the Customer’s expectations. The controls performed are following: Operational and electrical parameters tests on the 100% of the lot, as requested by the IMQ Regulation; 

All processes are monitored and recorded on the basis of accurate and detailed operating instructions.


Raw Material

Raw materials are the backbone of our products

Starting from raw materials and components, we perform the strict quality inspection through the production process, to ensure the top-quality products. We are Gruppe examine the material’s property specifications and define the priorities of our products before running the production and testing.

Online Test

All Gruppe products will be tested

All Gruppe products will be tested with the Automated Aging Production Line which combines aging and photometry, colormetric & electrical parameters, testing function together in QA/QC..

Traceability with QR Code

The product life cycle comprises

The product life cycle comprises of the entire life of the product, from raw material extraction to acquisition through material production to manufacturing, to use and end of life treatment including recycling and final disposal. In order words, a product life cycle encompasses the consecutive and interlink stages of a product traceability from cradle to grave with regards to recycling.

Waste Management

We are developing program in partnership

Gruppe is committed to apply the best practice product stewardship principals and strive to access and offer innovative products, maintenance, repair, recycling and end-of-life program to help reduce disposal impacts via safe, responsible and valuable alternative re-uses.

We continue to explore additional creative solution and we have develop key programs that are beginning to change the end of life scenario for many of our products.

We are developing program in partnership with a waste management company to address this unique disposal issues.

Through this program, customers may return their end of life products for proper disposal.