The TITANIC Weatherproof linear fluorescent luminaire far outstrips the industry standard in total performance options and features. Titanic lighting system offers superior performance while still maintaining a vast array of asthetic options.

Standard colors for the body and clips are silvery grey, black or white and the standard for lens components is clear opal grades. Materials used are suitable for various standards.


Ideal for wet, humid & dusty environment such as parking areas, canopy areas, loading bays, industrial areas, production areas, factory, workshops, etc. where sufficient illumination and safety is required with a low glare is required.


• Index of Protection  : IP66
• Body                            : Made of injection mould polycarbonate
• Diffuser                      : Made of injection mould polycarbonate
• Body Clip                   : Stainless steel or polycarbonate clips
• Wattage                     : T5 28W, 54W and T8 36W
• Voltage                       : 220V – 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz
• Power Factor            : 0.9
• Wire                            : Heat resistant 105″C

Ordering information

Model No.   Description                                                     L(mm)   W(mm)   H(mm)
GTCCP001   TITANIC 1x28W T5 C/W Gear & Lamp      1283      102           100
GTCCP002   TITANIC 2x28W T5 C/W Gear & Lamp     1283      165           100
GTCCP003   TITANIC 1x54W T5 C/W Gear & Lamp      1283      102           100
GTCCP004   TITANIC 2x54W T5 C/W Gear & Lamp      1283      165           100
GTCCP005   TITANIC 1x36W T8 C/W Gear & Lamp      1283      102           100
GTCCP006   TITANIC 2x36W T8 C/W Gear & Lamp      1283     165            100


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