Royal LED Marine Grade

The Royal Flood Lighting luminaires are powered by the Gruppe Crystal OpticLED™ platform, and featuring innovative thermal management design, offers exceptional performance and value. With the special beam profile and uniform photometric  istribution,this LED lighting series achieves high optical efficiency with state-of-the-art technology to boost up overall system efficiency. It is perfectly suitable for outdoor flood lighting applications. With proprietary patented thermal management design to ensure low LED junction temperature, while maintaining the extremely light weight, this LED lighting series has become the unique product available in the professional outdoor lighting market

Using state-of-the-art technology, Royal luminaires have been designed to fulfil the FutureProof concept. The photometric engine is IP 66 sealed to protect the LEDs and lenses from coming into contact with the outside environment and so maintain photometric performance over time.

Option : Remote Control System & Smart Intelligent System available upon request


Highmast, security, port, crane, wharf, apron, yacht.
Large yard area.
Corrosive environment


High pressure die cast aluminium alloy housing.
Highly corrosion resistant (optional – marine grade).
Finished with polyester powder paint.
Standard colour grey.
Bracket made of stainless steel.
Anti-aging silicone rubber gasket.
Clear tempered glass cover.
Stainless steel screws.
Operating temperature (Ta) -25°C – 50°C.
Anti-vibration available upon request.
Salt spray tested (ISO 9227:2012)
Anti vibration up to 5G


Light source                                   : High Power LED
Optical                                             : PC lens modules, Multiple beams, Anti glare reflector
Power correction factor              : >0.9
Insulation                                       : Class 1
Compliance                                   : IEC 60598-1, IEC 60598-2-5, IEC 62722
Ingress Protection (IP)               : IP 66
Protection against surge (SPD) : 10KA-20KA
Colour rendering (CRI)               : >70
Colour temperature (CCT)        : 3000K – 6000K
Other CCT & CRI available upon request
Weight                                           : 8kg – Remote gear, 16kg – Integral gear


Type                                                         : Royal series
Light source                                           : Integral LED-module
Wattage                                                   : 200W – 300W
Nominal efficacy                                   : 120-135 Im/W
Color temperature (CCT)                    : 3000K – 6000K
Color rendering Index (CRI)              : > 70, Other CRI available upon request : [> 80, > 90)
Useful life                                               : 50,000 hours – Base on the light source
Operating temperature range (Ta)   : -25°C ~ 50°C
Driver                                                      : Built-in electronic system
Main voltage                                          : 100-277V / 50-60Hz
Options                                                   : Dimming system, Anti vibration system
Optical lens photometry                     : T1, T2A, T3A, T4A, T3, T4, T25, T60, * Refer to the Lens application page
Material                                                  : Housing : high pressure die-cast aluminium alloy, Protector: Clear tempered flat glass, Finishing : Polyster powder paint
Color                                                       : Grey, Other RAL colors available on request
Maintenance                                         : Easy access from the back. Replacement of the electronic system by removing the back cover
Installation                                            : Recommended mounting height: 10m, 20m & 30m

Ordering Code Dimensions

Code            :Wattage Leds  Nominal Flux  a       b      c       d       e        f       g     h
ROY 15050 :150W          30      20250              394  163  420  230  300  448  92  295
ROY20050 :200W         36      27000              394  163  420  230  300  448  92  295
ROY24050 :240W         48      32400              394  163  420  230  300  448  92  295
ROY30050 :300W         48     40500              394  163  420  230  300  448  92  295


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Royal LED Marine Grade

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