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AG pole is a unique fiberglass light pole designed for residential, commercial and main road installations. FRP poles are strong in strength, light weight for easy installation, low in maintenance and chemical resistant. FRP poles are non-conductive and safe. Our poles are made to comply standards, to provide you with the highest quality and yet are competitively priced. Manufactured as per EN ISO 9001 : 2000 certification.

Unique Technology of AG Pole

As material science and technology are developing fast in the modern world, traditional material such as metal and wood can not satisfy people’s rigorous needs in many aspects. Composite material are starting a revolution in material science and technology for been light, strong, corrosion resistant, long life span and etc.

Unlike metal or wood, AG Pole is made out of composite material. These products show different mechanical strength in different axial direction.

We are now proud to claim: FRP poles are the strongest compared to other poles in the same weight, and not to mention lightest
compared to other poles in the same strength.


Single section without joints. Our lighting poles is cylindrical
with a slope of 1.8% or 1.8mm/M. Fibre glass and
un-saturated polyster resin forms one piece of AG pole.

Aesthetics, has a smooth surface with good finishing. It can
also be color matched to suit any environment. Pole and arm
forming in one piece or separated finish of the two parts then
joined together are feasible.

Additional Safety Features (Option)

FRP Pole installed with Cut Out Fuse for additional safety. It is
used to provide the safety cable connection, termination and
looping for electrical supply in lighting pole. It is also
equipped with HRC Fuse for overload protection.

• High impact resistance and heat resistance.
• Incoming terminal bores are serrated to ensure good
contact with all types of conductor.
• Design for terminating and looping of 4 core cables.
• Fully insulated enclosure.

Standard Compliance

– British Standard – BS 5649
– EU Standard: EN 40
– USA: ASTM D4923-01, Class 1, Standard Pole / ANSI C136.20.-1990
– Taiwan Standard: CNS-11652
– Gulf Standard: GS 265 (SASO 533)
– China: Withstand max wind speed of 40m/sec (reference to ASTM D4923-01, Class 1, Standard Pole)


• Long life span
• Low maintenance
• Light weight
• Fast, easy and inexpensive installation
• Direct burial or flanged mount
• Saves time and labor
• UV resistant coating
• Environmentally safe
• Excellent aesthetics appearance
• Impact resistant
• High mechanical strength
• High corrosion resistance
• High ultra-violet resistance
• Safety / non-conductive
• Variety of colors & finishes available
• Lengths up to 3m ~ 12m
• Recyclable
• Anti theft


The AG POLE has virtually unlimited applications. It can be manufactured to any requirement relating to the environment and configuration of luminaires to be mounted, inclusive of any special colour required.

Technical Details

• For 6m~12m Pole Height , Standard Arm Length is 1.5m. • Types of Poles = Short Arm / Single Arm / Double Arm / Bracket Type / Flanged Mounted / Direct Burial


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FRP Pole

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