Dimming & Smart Intelligent Lighting System

Introducing Gruppe’s iTouch smart intelligent lighting system, a system controller with simple useful system management functions that gives you ultimate control over your entire lighting network from an easy to use, programmable touch interface with DALI or DMX through either wireless or wiring connecting system. It incorporates a dedicated control network, connected hardware control components and dedicated software applications that offer system functionality via an intuitive touchscreen user interface. iTouch SMART lighting system are innovated and incorporated with GEST (Gruppe Embedded System Technology) and GESS (Gruppe Embedded Software System) remote controlling which presents a reliable ways to IOT Smart Intelligent Lighting System.

Sustainable – Remotely Control The Switch And Lighting Adjustment
Control and configure the lights remotely from any where based on your Seasonal requirement.

IOT System – Data Analysis
Remote monitoring information, real time inquiries and historical Data inquiries, can be generated to a statement or graphical representation for easy data analysis.

Energy Audit-Cloud Monitoring
Manage the voltage, power, energy consumption or any failures anywhere, everywhere all through the cloud management system.

Authority Management
Unified login password through system permission settings prevents unauthorized person to operate and keeps the system safer and reliable.

Failure Warning
Immediate warning and alarm system to the client if any detection of malfunctions occurs.

Free Switch On Working Mode
Remote free switch on the working mode to save energy consumption and prolong working time of the light according to specific project requirements.


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Dimming & Smart Intelligent Lighting System

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