The AVENUE series is designed with careful selection of the best materials and components to assure perfect operation under the most extreme conditions. The diffuser is hinged to the body with the options of plastic or stainless steel clip-on toggles; for easy maintenance and lamp replacement. Its pleasant appearance also reduce direct glare and yet provide an excellent light distribution for visual comfort


Ideal for harsh, humid & dusty environment such as parking areas, canopy areas, loading bays, industrial areas, production areas, factory, workshops, etc., where sufficient illumination and safety is required with a low glare is required.

Technical Data

• Body: Made of injection mould acrylic (ABS) or polycarbonate
• Diffuser: Made of injection mould acrylic or polycarbonate
• Lamp source: T8 18/20W, 36/40W and 58/65W
• Electrical data : 23OV-5OHZ, Power Factor 0.9
• Wire: Heat resistant 105″C
• Ballast: Vacuum-impregnated with polyester resin
• Condenser: Metallized polypropylene firm
• Starter: Series circuit (4-22W) and single circuit (4-65W)
• Lamp and starter holder: Made of injection mould polycarbonate
• Index of Protection : IP66*
• Working Temperature-5° to 55′
• Optional Components
– High frequency electronic ballast
– Emergency power pack
– 2A fuse socket connector
– Radio interference suppressor

Ordering information

Model No.     Description                                                   L(mm)             W(mm)    H(mm)
0CP00003    AVENUE w/proof fluo ftg 1x18W C/W   Gear & Lamp  670 110     110
0CP00004    AVENUE w/prooffluo ftg 2x18W C/W   Gear & Lamp  670 160     110
OCPOOOOI  AVENUE w/proof fl uo ftg 1x36W C/W  Gear & Lamp  1270 110   110
0CP00002    AVENUE w/prooffluo ftg 2x36W C/W   Gear & Lamp  1270 160   110
0CP00005    AVENUE w/proof fluo ftg 1x58W C/W   Gear & Lamp  1570 110   110
0CP00006    AVENUE w/prooffluo ftg 2x58W C/W    Gear & Lamp  1570 160  110


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