Arro 1

Arro~1 street light luminaire brings a new quality of light to residential areas, cycle paths, local roads and industrial estates. Arro~1 unites superior optics, a weatherproof housing and easy maintenance. Moreover, its sleek shape combining a variety of attractive pole
designs and compact size make a significant contribution to a pleasant and more comfortable environment while keeping minimum cost.


• Streets, highways, residential areas, parking areas
• Security, perimeter lighting, architecture & landscape


• Enclosed luminaires for pole mounting.
• Die-cast aluminium housing: top and bottom.
• Finished with polyester powder paint. Standard colour – grey.
• Ballast components mounted on a removable gear tray.
• Silicone sealed optics – Ilghtseal 66.
• Anodised finished on hydroformed aluminium faceted reflector.
• Tempered clear curved glass.
• Easy access to ballast compartment and lamp by opening the top housing. Lamp replacement without tools.
• Slip fitter adjustable for 42~50mm diameter.
• Twin Arc lamp (long life span).
• Eco lamp (energy saving).
• Hg Free lamp (zero mercury).


Suitable for mounting on mast arms 6 ~ 12 meters


Optical assembly                          : IP 66
Ballast ComPartment                  : IP 54
Aerodynamic Resistance (CXS) : 0.053m2
Electrical insulation                     : Class 1 – (*), Class II (on request)
Voltage                                            : 230V/240V
Wattage                                          : 70W ~ 250W
Approx, net weight                      : 9 – 12kg
(*) according to standard EN 60598 / IEC 598

Ordering information

Code     Lamp Type  Wattage  Voltage  Freq.  Power Factor Lamp Holder
Arro~1    HPSV           70W           240V     50Hz      HPF                 E-27
Arro~1    HPSV           100W         240V     50Hz      HPF                 E-40
Arro~1    HPSV           150W         240V      50Hz      HPF                 E-40
Arro~1    HPSV           250W        240V      50Hz      HPF                  E-40
Arro~1    Twin Arc      150W        240V      50Hz      HPF                  E-40
Arro~1    Twin Arc      250W        240V      50Hz      HPF                 E-40
Arro~1    Eco                130W        240V       50Hz      HPF                 E-40
Arro~1    Eco                220W        240V       50Hz      HPF                 E-40
Arro~1    Hg Free        150W         240V      50Hz       HPF                 E-40
Arro~1    Hg Free        250W         240V      50Hz       HPF                 E-40


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Arro 1

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