Laboratory Services

The quality of GRUPPE products is subject to strict quality control parameters.  To guarantee the highest possible quality assurance, the LED products are regularly checked and rated by our in-house photometric test laboratory.

Working with input from lighting designers and engineers, we have developed our product portfolio to meet the demanding technical requirements of today’s lighting specification market. Our Photometric Laboratory was added to strengthen test and measurement capabilities. This demonstrates our commitment for continual development which strengthens our in-house capabilities for providing global markets with world-class products of the highest quality and modern design.

Every luminaires shape is based on the purpose it is made for, therefore each fitting is entirely designed and manufactured according to the needs of the environment. In this way we are able to improve the performances of a specific luminaires in a coherent and essential way which is distinctive of a professional fixture.

We put together the idea, expertise, experience and knowledge in producing the most efficient, practical and yet affordable lighting luminaires giving the best energy saving with the combination of Gruppe technology.

Laboratory Services- Optical, thermal, electronic, mechanical, and pre-certification tests and measurements.