Sports Lighting


Gruppe Sports Lighting is committed to providing our customers with unparalleled support in lighting design, program and field. A welcoming ambient and clear visibility will enhance their experience and performance. We have the expertise and equipment to transform your goals into an effective solution. It’s not just the players who need to see what they’re doing – it’s the spectators and cameramen too.

We’re highly experienced in sports lighting, for venues big and small, we’ve got the breadth and depth of experience to provide the right solutions. Whether it’s a full design, installation and maintenance package or a simple supply-and-fit, our experienced team will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Designing and planning every aspect for today HDTV (High Definition TV) broadcasts demand special attention and parameter to the input. Full impartial consultation is considered paramount at all stages of the project, from initial concept discussions through to installation methods and on site approval measurements.

Sport is the world’s largest entertainment industry and covers not only professional users but those who use it for recreation. Thanks to TV coverage, sport captures the attention of almost everyone. That is why lighting plays such an important role, not only to ensure players are performing at their best, but also to ensure the spectators participation and satisfaction. But sport is not only played professionally. Most people do it for fun, to stay healthy or in local competitions. We then need to create a lighting solution on the field that does not impact on those not participating.

Lighting plays an important role to ensure players are performing at their best, the spectator participation and satisfaction. Our reputation is built on the highest quality products and a service culture which places you at the centre of our business. Whatever your sporting passion, we have the perfect sports lighting solution for your club or facility. Our total sports lighting solution includes track and field, tennis, cricket, stadiums, swimming, badminton, basketball, football, golf and more.