Public Lighting


Public lighting has one very clear objective, to provide visual conditions for all road users, who have to be able to identify and judge the course of the road, the state and boundaries of the carriageway and hazards that may be present at any time. An efficient lighting should be economical in the sense of maintenance and also energy consumption besides having top performance in any condition, whether in late night or early in the morning, in wet or dry conditions. To achieve that, many aspects should be taken into consideration in the designing, commissioning and installing process. Environmental issues such as minimized glare and other light pollution area among a few of them.

Our public lighting solutions are not only future proof and upgradeable they are at the cutting edge of lighting technology. Flat glass, energy efficiency, high performance, unique Crystal OpticLED™ system and Crystal White™ technology help to reduce both light pollution and energy bills.

Public lighting is an efficient solution that reduces costs and increases safety for citizens. By delivering the right level of light when and where it’s needed, cities can maximize efficiency and bring previously dark neighborhoods to life. Together we can make our cities more livable and efficient.


The unrivalled base hinged mast system enables state of the art installations to be complemented by world beating maintenance and support packages. From initial planning to final installation, the Gruppe team will help guide you through each stage.