Melatonin for Women

Melatonin Brochure Melatonin  is a hormone produced by the body that regulates many physiological processes.   MELATONIN supplementation is a controversial issue and I hope to help readers understand the facts so that they are not misled by wild claims. Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, which is situated at the base […]
Blue Light Threatens Animals and People
 Blue Light Threatens Animals and People 07 October 2009 – The rapidly expanding use of bluish-white outdoor lighting threatens visibility at night and jeopardizes the nocturnal environment worldwide. This surge is fueled by the promise of energy savings and reduced lighting maintenance. The demand for energy efficient lighting is a laudable imperative. This effort has […]
White Lighting Solution
White Lighting Solution This brochure gives you an indication of the many ways in which white light can transform urban streets at night. And by ‘transform’ we don’t mean only aesthetically, but also in terms of safety, security and energy efficiency. The brochure is divided into two sections. The first section gives a general overview of the various benefits […]
A Silent Cry of Light Pollution
 A Silent Cry of Light Pollution Many of us live in a world of urban constellations, unable to see the stellar constellations a moderately dark sky would provide. We should ask ourselves whether this is the legacy we wish to leave our children. The dark sky is a natural resource that should be protected. The […]
Is Light Pollution Killing Our Birds?
 Colin Henshaw and Graham Cliff believe that light pollution is reducing the numbers of insects on which many birds rely In 1994, the Journal of the British Astronomical Association carried a letter from one of the authors (Colin Henshaw) entitled The Environmental Effectsof Light Pollution. The letter concluded by predicting that the anticipated reduction in […]