Industrial Lighting



Lighting used in industrial facilities not only need to be durable enough to withstand harsh environmental factors such as high temperatures, humidity, corrosive atmosphere, dirty power, and vibration, but should also comply with the fire, safety, and material codes.

In addition, the luminaires should need minimal to no servicing and keep energy consumption and costs as low as possible.

  • Perceived brighter, pleasant and natural ambience.
  • Effect closest to sun light.
  • Accident Prevention and Safety
  • Better and Clearer Vision

The lighting of seaports and docks is achieved by the use of High Mast and Flood lighting Installations, with masts starting from 15 metres up to 45 metres, using a number of lanterns with adaptive positioning capabilities.

The area of light generated from the correct design and installation of one high mast would produce a more uniform lighting level over a greater area than standard street lighting columns. Recent case studies have stated that the installation of high mast systems on retail and business parks for example, have been received well by engineers and consultants. As well as being cost effective, the lighting affords the ‘comfort factor’ to general public during the hours of darkness.

Taxiways are one of the most important factors in determining and maintaining the operational safety of an airport. As airport activity increases (take-offs, landings, and touch and go maneuvers), faster access from the runways to the taxiway system is required to maintain safety. Hence, proper lighting system where pilots can see clearly in any kind of situation even in foggy weather are very important.



Sustainability: Our lighting products offer some of the highest efficiency and longest life of any available today. Gruppe is committed to innovative solutions for reducing a the environmental “footprint” and reducing energy use—while remaining cost-effective.